Sir Rufane Donkin Brut MCC - 2016 Vintage - Limited release

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Sir Rufane Donkin Brut MCC - 2016 vintage - Limited releaseThis is a Chardonnay Méthode Cap Classique (MCC) \ As the Chardonnay grape is harvested while still firm, the final taste is of green  apples, ripe pears with hints of buttery creaminess with a subdued spicy finish. \ \ The vineyard has Chalky limestone with well aerated trellised vines   of + 15 years on well drained, deep alluvial sandy soil.

Unlike staid old offerings the Sir Rufane Donkin is zesty, fresh and brisk on the tongue. On pouring, there is an initial bubble storm which soon settles down to a delicate and fine bubble string. 

When the glass is held to the light a straw yellow tint is noted. On the nose a light lime with buttery flavours flutter with a tinge of honey. 

In the mouth a fine cotton wool feel is characteristic of the Brut coming to the fore. An elegant character with a well rounded and nuanced bouquet rounds-off the  experience. 

MCC sparkling is a wine which holds its own with exotic food pairings, haute cuisine,  spicy Asiatic foods, curry and even with pizza. It is the go to wine for people of discernment.  \ \ From the Western Cape of South Africa\ 13% Alcohol

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